Friday, April 2

kinda funny tote...尷尬的包XD

if i just made the tote looks like this, it would be simple and nice...

look at the other side of the tote, yes, more bags! XD

now turn it inside out
gosh! more bags~~~ tee hee
翻過啦看(是雙麵包哦), 天哪!更花!XD

it might looks small in the picture, but it actually kinda big
since this combination made the stripes looks too plain
i would like to add something on it in the future~

I made this on 31 March (started preparing 2 days ago)
in this April i need to make more stuff!!! ganbate!
這個是三月的quota XD

Thursday, April 1

I'VE FOUND IT!找到了! (about lily of the valley)

from WIKI

I was looking for the actual information about this previously
finally i found it!
please click WIKI for further information about this beautiful flower♥

Lily of the Valley, its a really pretty name^^
it made me think of a song 'Red River Valley'

Earlier time Wendy told me about Chimney Bellflower
info from WIKI

so now we know that they are different^^
but it still right in somewhere, because the fairies in the story book i read do wear chimney bellflower as their hats
now i know about 2 lovely flower^^

now i'm imagining how do they smell like
human are greedy, aren't we? ;P
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