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[☆MOVIE]3 idiots ☺☻☺三個笨蛋☻ AAL IZZ WELL !


hereby i wanna introduce a very nice Hindi movie ' 3 idiots'
大推我最近看的印度電影 '3個笨蛋'

seems like India like these kind of movie alot, which has 3 major cast

The story is about 3 guys name rancho, raju & farhan. They met each other in the Top engineer school and here's the story begins.
Rancho is from billionaire family, he is kinda 'weird' with special character, raju came from poor family who had the whole family look at him as their only hope, Farhan has a midium family, which his father hopes that he can be an excellent engineer but actually he wish to be a wildlife photographer.

this 3 guys, with other character like the University Chairman Mr VIRUS, rival SILENCER, pretty girl PIA, and other, they mix & match and made this 165 minutes movie.

超有特色的大學創辦人VIRUS, 只會讀死書的'死敵' SILENCER, 漂亮印度姑娘 PIA, 學校的打雜 MILLIMETER... 就這樣熱熱鬧鬧的一整齣接近3小時的電影

from this movie, we can see how Rancho think about the India's education system, and how he affect other slowly. It has some silly humor jokes, crazy scenes which make people laugh, but it bring out some critic point about the culture, society, education system, people's 'common sense' etc. This actually not only happening in the movie, or India, but it does happening in Malaysia too.

How many of us are studying the subject we really like? taking the job that we really want? you might find some clue from this movie.

我們可以看思想特出的rancho是怎麼以自己的態度影響別人,電影雖然有很多kuso的冷式幽默,卻也帶出了整個社會的冷酷面,教育制度的畸形發展,人們的普遍認知等等.在電影裡面我看到了很熟悉的東西, 在馬來西亞何嘗不是這樣呢?有多少人讀的科系,正在從事的的工作,真的是自己喜歡的呢?? 我想這齣電影可以帶出一些資訊.

my favorite quote from the movie: AAL IZZ WELL (stand for ' all is well')
it may not solve the problem, but it makes your life easier. simple but useful attitude, yet hard to follow by most of us.

我最喜歡的名言 : AAL IZZ WELL.

oh ya! the main cast RANCHOO (Aamir Khan) was actually 45 years old! seriously, he dont look like an uncle. kinda macho, and cute,sometime i do feel he was acting like Mr Bean XD

對啦,男主角叫Aamir Khan, 他當時 920090竟然45歲阿!!! 可是演大學生還是好友說服力哦,而且算是可愛=型男(尤其是穿上畢業服XD), 他的表情好生動,一直讓我想到MR. BEAN啦

another favorite part of mine^^, the love story begins here. If there's no singing and dancing, you can neevr call tit Hindi movie;p as you can see they can sing and dance when they shower, well, what else is impossible? XD

再送上另外的歌舞劇.印度戲果然要有歌舞劇阿 XD 前面那個,在廁所都可以唱歌跳舞了,還有什麼不可能呢?XD

The whole movie is very solid, everything, every scene, and every word came out for something, everything is explained, you wont get stuck somewhere and cant sleep for it. the only part that hust got my funny bones: when it was touching or sad, why must the main cast turn from other (and actually facing the camera) and show their tears? it's just too dramatic LOL
整齣電影都很出色,幾乎沒有漏洞可以挑剔,前面說過的話,導演總有個交代,並不會把一些迷團留在你的腦海讓你睡不著. 這點我很欣賞, 架構很結實阿XD 唯一讓我忍不住想笑的是: 為什麼電影裡面,男女主角在太過感動/傷心的時候,都要轉身背對人們(變成對著鏡頭)靠著柱子擦眼淚呢XD

and the ending scene is so pretty! i love the water and the sky (you will know what i mean when you watch this ;>)
and with the final scene which following the plow, as what Rancho said: 'just do what you have passion in, success and wealth will be following you'

結尾的場地好漂亮~天空跟水的顏色太太太漂亮了 (看了你就知道啦 ;P)
而且最後那幕,帶出了RANCHO常說的一句話: FOLLOWYOUR HEART, 作你喜歡的事情,並認真去做,你不需要追求成功或財富,他們會主動追隨你’

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